• Pauline Cound

I had to find something to keep my 'Mind and Soul Content'

Pauline a year and half ago, I thought I had better find something to keep my mind and soul content. I had just found out I had osteoarthritis and my nerves were shot from trying to accept both Rod’s and my reality. My husband Rod has Parkinson’s Disease. I stepped into the class and felt immediately that I belonged. Being the coach, Pauline, you seemed to care about every person there. The exercises seemed to help my knees to the point where some days I had no pain at all. My exercise helped calm me down and made my attitude change towards my new reality. Each woman in the class is amazing in her own way and I admire them all. I lived in Victoria for 20 years and never felt as welcome as I do in my short time here. Thank you, Pauline, for being the catalyst and an amazing coach.

I am outgoing, and I enjoy the company of other people. I am not good at sitting still and try hard to follow through on my obligations. My only limits are arthritis and IBS, but I love exercising. It helps start the day as well as increase my knee mobility while reducing the pain. COVID-19 has made me more aware of what I need to do to remain healthy and cope. The conversion to online workouts was a challenge but thankfully I am still able to participate from home, even if there is not home care for Rod. I am following my daughter’s advice; think of one thing you are thankful for each day. With this and all the wonderful people I have met I have these to build my spirits upon.

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