• Pauline Cound

I have never felt stronger in my life.

I have been so extremely fortunate in that I have always maintained good health. My Mom is 102 and in good health too and I thank our good genes for that.

However, I had become lazy over the years, thinking that good health was all I needed. I very much aware of the benefits of exercise, I just never looked at it seriously.

My fitness journey has been erratic at best.

Over the past twenty plus years I tried several different gyms and programs with no real success or commitment on my part.

Then Facebook presented me with an opportunity to join a program geared specifically to people my age. Then I met Pauline who changed the way I felt about commitment and dedication to making a difference in how I age and how I can control many parts of that process

I am 66 and have never felt stronger in my life.

I can do things I never could, and I feel better about life every single day. I am on a journey now that I won’t deviate from as I’ve established a habit and it’s the best one, I could ever have.

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