• Pauline Cound

Importance of Exercising the Body and Mind

I absolutely love your daily workout sessions, looking forward to them every morning.

What limits me? My big toe on my right foot! I was just diagnosed with mild osteoarthritis in it. At times I can feel some pain or limited movement in it, so ease up on the impact the exercise has on it. I can easily accommodate.

Aging naturally happens to us all!

Short term and long-term benefits - prevention of osteoporosis using weights. Muscle tone to maintain posture. I feel core work is especially good for this. Flexibility and balance to prevent falls is crucial.

What have I experienced so far? Muscle building, improved balance, core strengthening, posture building, maintenance of current abilities.

Social benefits - HUGE as we stay isolated due to COVID-19. Even if we do not have in person contact, seeing and hearing others online allows for some conversation and interaction, assisting in maintaining mental health during this period.

Moving to online workout sessions - I felt somewhat apprehensive at first. Once I realized how easy it was, I love it as it saves in gas & driving on cold & snowy days.

There is no real difference online versus in person. I feel like little tweaks to my execution of each exercise is likely easier in person versus online. It is amazing how much you Pauline can observe online!

Thanks for all that you do!!

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