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Heather Popoff 63 -

I was never an athlete, but I was active up until retirement in 2017.

It did not take long at all before I found myself in a rut. Sleeping in late, terrible eating habits, not keeping up with a regular exercise regime. It was affecting my mental and physical well-being.

I tried various fitness clubs and gyms, but I could not find the right fit for me. I felt out of place in the younger co-ed places and classes, as there is a level of competitiveness that made me feel inadequate.

I also found that there was not a lot of instruction/direction to do the exercises effectively and safely.

My daily walks did not seem to be making me feel any better, I was, in a slump.

I also responded to an ad on the internet for a 60+ exercise group, the photo was of a great looking crew having lots of fun, so I gave it a go.

I met some fabulous people my very first day, and the coach, well she was so knowledgeable and full of fun and energy, it was contagious!

The first few months were certainly an eye-opener for me, I could not believe how weak I was in my wrists, ankles, and overall strength. Our dedicated coach never gives up on us, she works so diligently to make sure we are all safe and enjoying our workouts while going for the next level. Here I am one and half years into this and I can honestly say I love our workouts, seeing everyone in the class so eager to go and you can certainly feel the connection between everyone.

I believe this would not have been possible for me without the direction and support of our Pauline, super star, coach extraordinaire. I am a forever fit fan and plan on being here if it keeps running.

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