• Pauline Cound

Lost 4 family members, afraid I might be next!

I began to think about my health, when I had lost 4 family members, all too young, in the years 2010 through 2015 and was afraid I might be next!

I was 58 years old, diagnosed with Osteoporosis in my hands and feet and was 40 pounds overweight.

I have never been very athletic; I had tried other gyms and other programs but always felt intimidated by them.

Then we started looking at Retirement and I knew I would be unable to keep up with my husband on the travels we had planned.

That was the morning I saw a feed on Facebook about a Super 60 fitness gym that was opening in my neighborhood

and thought what have I got to lose!

I called and set up a fitness test with Pauline, who was the Head Coach.

I liked her immediately as she understood my issues and was positive, I could make the changes required to be healthy and happy doing it!

It was September 2015, and I went to my first class and met an amazing group of members that welcomed me wholehearted.

The group ranged in ages and some had limitations, but they were giving their all.

I started at three days a week and have progressed over the 5.5 years to usually 5 classes a week.

My overall health has improved amazingly, including the Osteoporosis. I am at a healthy weight and I look forward to my sessions every time.

Pauline has stuck with us through many challenges, with location changes, COVID-19, and her own struggles.

She keeps us safe and challenged by varying our workouts and keeps us balanced.

Thank you, Pauline, for all you have done and keep doing for us, you are amazing.

Thank you, my fellow Compass Fit Family and I do consider you my family!

You have all helped me to make changes for the better when I took the right steps to join you!

Pauline you are our Best Cheerleader for Fitness.

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