• Pauline Cound

Nothing in Life is Guaranteed

Sharon Raduloff 76

I started this journey back in fall of 2016 to help retain my level of strength and endurance after moving to the city from my acreage.

Country living is a keep fit program every day...city life, not so much.

I have been amazed, and so grateful to you Pauline...for your knowledge and willingness to share and educate. Every day of class, be it

in the gym, or via Zoom, is full of hints, instruction, and guidance. Thankyou!!!💓

Throughout this journey I have become aware of shoulder limitations not previously identified...and the remedial exercises needed to assist with strength and mobility. I have been able to maintain strength and functional flexibility. Important for seniors who live alone....and have found a core of friends who share the same view of life. I am grateful for their friendship. Big virtual hugs all 'round. Someday soon...real ones!!!!

COVID-19, and the resulting challenges and limitations, have certainly changed our experiences. Initially, I was hesitant about the online experience, but my fears have never been realized. Working out at home has many advantages...the least is not having to dress and drive! 🏋🏋🏋 !!

The one disadvantage would be needing the equipment. Bands, weights, ball, etc. I had all this, so not a problem. Unless discipline counts. 😠

The social interaction is different, and somewhat less enjoyable than the in-person camaraderie, but still positive. It is an especially important part of the whole exercise/keep fit program. Discipline is still key...get up and get at it every day...each day has a purpose. Diet, sleep, and exercise remain the major

keys to maintaining our health.... and independence.!!!! For all you do for us... to help us in that pursuit...I thank you Pauline.!! 💖

Nothing in life is guaranteed, the least of which is our health...mental or physical. We must do our absolute best to ensure their positive continuation.

The encouragement we receive as a group, as we try to maintain our physical/mental health, is one of the best parts of our membership in this elite (😁 ) fitness class.

Every day I get up and look forward to our class. I print the weekly program, so try to have my weights, bands, ball, etc. ready.

As the "festive season" fast approaches, I wish each member of our Fabulous Fitness Group "MERRY CHRISTMAS".

To you Pauline, and your loving and supportive husband, we cannot begin to thank you enough for all you do for us.

Soon...we hope...we will be able to share those hugs, ...and .... a glass of South African Wine!! 🎅🍾🍷🍷

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