• Pauline Cound

The impact of Covid 19

I enjoy your classes immensely, both online and in person attendance at the gym. I would prefer to have the option of in studio classes, but I have learned to adjust to home workouts. I certainly do not miss the travel during inclement weather. I know there was in class instruction prior to the newest restrictions, but I still did not feel comfortable enough to participate due to COVID-19.

Now I absolutely love the online classes and the fact that I can login anywhere with the online workouts. This is one of the biggest pluses for online! They have allowed me to remain active and strong while maintaining my sanity during these tumultuous times. My friends in class have provided a social outlet during lockdowns and their sense of humor is invaluable during the isolation. Even Jim's daily joke is uplifting!!!

I am not the best sleeper and my energy levels often suffer as a result. I still persevere, but not to the extent that I would prefer. If I was overzealous on a previous day and then attend class I struggle with my energy levels and my enthusiasm is hampered. I also love hiking, but it does not always like me!

Exercise helps avoid health issues and diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and osteoarthritis. I recently had a bone density test, and I am sure my lifelong exercise regime has contributed to the positive results of the test.

Physical activity has also increased my overall body strength, muscles, and joints. My knee has improved substantially with the strengthening exercises we complete on a regular basis. The exercises also elevate my mood, relieve stress, boosts my energy levels, and maintain a healthy body weight with less fluctuations over time. My mental health, mood, balance, cardio, self esteem has all improved enormously. The list goes on and on. All advantages to the whole routine of daily exercise.

I feel challenged when new exercises are introduced as do the other participants in our classes. They can be strong motivators without a doubt!

I do miss the interaction with my fellow classmates which the in-person classes provided and do not go hiking as much as in the past due to fear of crowds and social distancing. I do miss the physical activities with my granddaughters. Believe it or not, those indoor playgrounds were humongous workouts (up and down slide stairs numerous times, chasing after them - lol etc.) Even the trampoline facilities and pools were great exercise with the little ones. I find myself restricted to walks and my virtual classes with Fit by Compass as two of my main fitness activities during COVID-19.

I have always been active throughout my life. I've enjoyed many facets of exercise, starting with skating religiously in my youth, swimming ( a must activity growing up in Nova Scotia as well as Lake Huron in my teenage years), track and field, and baseball to name a few. As a young adult I invested numerous years in downhill skiing (which I miss so much now, but my knee will not permit any longer). Currently, I find my fitness classes, my 2 walks a day, activities with the grandchildren, walking with my husband weekly when he golfs, and hiking (primarily prior to COVID-19) are what I'm focusing on to stay active.

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