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This program has been life changing in many ways!

I am Lynne Fisher. Age 72

I am one of the core members of this wonderful “Fitness Family”! About 6 years now, I think. I have to say it has become one of the highlights of what I do every day.

I am a Breast Cancer survivor (16 years) and a borderline diabetic (thanks to a sweet tooth that I struggle to control) I have been on blood pressure medication for about 17 years now. I tend to carry my extra weight around the middle, which is an awfully bad thing, especially in women apparently. I think most of us know how important exercise is in helping with most health issues, but certainly regarding these.

With that in mind, my friend Joanne (who suffers from Rheumatoid Arthritis) and I saw a Facebook ad for a Plus 60 Boot Camp and decided we should at least check it out.

This program has been life changing in many ways!

At our first class we were hooked, thanks to an amazing woman by the name of Pauline Cound. Of course, the exercise for our bodies and minds would be first and foremost.......but this Fitness program came with a Coach with coaching credentials that you would not believe, as well as being a world class cyclist. To our benefit, she has also become a specialist in “Functional Aging”. But further to that and possibly more endearing to our group is that she is the most caring and supportive person you could ever meet. She worries about all our physical challenges and adjusts the exercises to fit. We work extremely hard on balance exercises because that is a prime contributor to falls as we get older. I know my balance is better some days than others and I can see that in class.

Another huge positive is this incredibly special group of people that has come together in our endeavour to take care of ourselves as we age. Close friendships have formed, and it was a sad day when the gym was forced to close for the Pandemic. Not only was it going to temporarily end our fitness program, but the effect of not being able to meet with our friends was a concern for our mental health on top of all the other issues that everyone faced with COVID.

The ZOOM classes did not take long to get up and running and they have been so great! For me, the trip to the gym was 25 minutes long and working from home, I have tried to increase to 5 days a week, rather than the 3 days when I was attending the gym. No, it is not the same as in person, but you can still talk to everyone and see them. Pauline continues to focus on each person and their individual needs. If we are doing something incorrectly, she gets on it right away to prevent any injuries. She gets on my case sometimes because I am quite quiet. That’s just my personality and I am just busy taking it all in so I don’t miss anything. There is laughter and jokes at every class and I think we all look forward to our virtual get together every morning.

Who said exercise was not FUN!! It is what you make it.....and our Forever Fit family makes it fun while working toward better health...…but we miss our hugs.🤗

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